The ShotBot project idea was created by Dr. LeRoy Alaways in the early 21st century as a robot that could shoot a basketball into the hoop from different locations around a court.  In 2008, a group of Villanova students interested in the project came together, consisting of Nicholas Craven (ME1), Stephen Augustyn (ME), and Mateus Santos (ECE2).  As two mechanical engineers and one electrical, they planned to design and build a programmed robot with automatic positioning.  Due to unforseen circumstances, Mateus left the group for other academic endeavors.  By the end of 2008 the first prototype was completed.  In early 2009, a third member, Nicolas Krumenacker (ME), joined the group.  Soon after, an ambitious junior, Ryan Pastor (ME), joined the group and added to the efforts while gaining Capstone experience.  The group continued extensive analysis of the robot in the beginning of 2009, and construction began in March 2009.


The first prototype, built Oct. 25, 2008



1: Mechanical Engineer

2: Electrical and Computer Engineer

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